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Social Change through Networking Together

Ruth Shillair, Ph.D. student, researcher

Exploring technology and how it can be used to improve life
Michigan State University,
Communication Arts & Sciences,
Media & Information Studies

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Learning is a lifelong process. Humans naturally love to learn. I am exploring ways to use online education to support and encourage that natural process.


One of my research projects is seeking to form generative learning groups in online learning situations.Working with Dr. Wiestke VanOsch.


Also, researching online safety,especially how different age cohorts understand safety. Our project is called Online Safety for the ages.


Also researching how technology can help diverse and marginalized populations.Working on iPad adoption among senior citizens with Dr. Shelia Cotten.

Reasons to talk?

My goal is to enhance the network of researchers, educators and practitioners-
All seeking to harness the potential of using technology to improve
learning and the diffusion of information. My underlying theoretical foundation is Social Cognitive Theory

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My portfolio

I appreciate all types of communication, visual communication is very powerful. Here are just a few of my photographs. I have a broad selection of backgrounds, natural textures, and travel photography. Contact me for prices.

Some of my web site design clients

Caring Christian counseling, Trinity Christian Counseling is there for you.

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The main web site for many years Lansing Chinese Christian Church is now reachable through the

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Planning your estate should be a process that is dynamic and up-to-date, contact Planning With a Purpose for information.

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Contact me

I am interesting in networking with others who are interested in how technology can improve: education, diffusion of information, generative communities, and life. At MSU we have a diverse and talented group of researchers in our department that are pursuing a wide range of research. Even if my research areas are different, I can often find someone who will be able to work with you!
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